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VR developer since 2016. Experience in Unity, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Rust.

I am a student at Ballard High School (BHS; class of 2021) in Seattle, Washington, studying computer science and digital filmmaking and exploring the intersection of both through virtual reality and immersive/360 video.

I am the founder and president of BVR Club, BHS’s virtual reality club and was the first ninth-grader to enroll in AP computer science at BHS. I created AstroVR (formerly StarVR), a virtual reality astronomy simulator that won best overall engineering project at the 2017-18 Seattle Public Schools eighth grade district science and engineering fair. I am also the co-founder and lead developer of Outrigger, an email productivity application promoting inbox life balance, and a student representative on the Information Technology Advisory Committee for Seattle Public Schools.

I have participated in numerous hackathons across various technologies and taught software development to underrepresented high school students. When not in front of a computer programming or editing film, or immersed in VR, I enjoy film production, photography, cycling, drinking coffee, gathering around a campfire, and long walks with the family dog.